The Team.

Making it possible.

Mitchell Chait

Founder & CEO

Mitchell has spent more than 30 years in the business of food. His experience spans fresh and processed produce and seafood, to institutional foodservice and restaurants. He has extensive knowledge of end-to-end supply chain including logistics and compliance management.
Today Mitchell's primary focus is innovating scalable connectivity, interoperability, and transparent transactions. Mitchell has numerous patents in software, processing and traceability, and has also conceived Compliance Verification Automation, CrossCheck™ Big Data Predictive Analytics, and Intelligent Decisioning Automation.

Jeffrey Sholl, Ph.D.,

Member Executive Advisory Board

Jeffrey Sholl brings more than 40 years experience in the processed food and fresh produce industries developing products and bringing them to market. Jeffrey has numerous patents in food, software and processing.  Jeffrey is a SME of the food distribution chain and logistical issues that can arise during recalls.
He conceived and developed food contamination simulation model for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Susan Harlander, PH.D., Food Scientist

Member Executive Advisory Board

Susan Harlander brings more than 30 years experience in food science and the food industry. She is a former University of Minnesota professor of food microbiology and biotechnology with extensive research, publications and public outreach.
Susan has extensive experience in managing agricultural research programs for marker assisted plant breeding, chemical use optimization and seed variety selection. She served on the U.S. FDA’s Science Board, along with numerous other FDA, USDA, NIH, NSF, NAS, NRC, and IOM advisory boards. Susan held senior R&D leadership positions at Land O’Lakes and The Pillsbury Company. Susan is a principal of BTSafety and co-developer of risk assessment models on intentional food contamination for FDA and DHS and a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists

Andrew Smith

SVP Technical Solutions

Andrew Smith has over 30 years of experience in the certification and auditing industry. Between 2005-2014, Andrew worked as the President of Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Inc  covering North, Central and South America operations where he commanded a staff of over 200.
Andrew is a respected individual in the industry and is a leading authority in the fields of Quality and Food Safety assurance activities; including safety culture, management system audit methodologies and competence measurement. Over the past 10 years, Andrew has formed strong relationships with a breadth of companies including Mars, Coca-Cola, Cargill, Kraft, Barilla and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group for whom he helped develop and implement both third-party and customized second-party audit schemes.

Petra Wissenburg

SVP Innovation

Petra Wissenburg has over 23 years of experience in quality & food safety and research & development in multinational consumer goods companies. Wissenburg held various leadership positions in research & development in Unilever in the Netherlands, Brazil and the United Kingdom and in quality & food safety in Numico and Danone in the United Kingdom and Singapore.
Wissenburg has established strong working relationships with many experts in the food industry through her responsibilities and activities in various non-profit cross–industry organizations working on pre-competitive issues for the food and drink industry; she was a member of the board of directors of the Global Food Safety Initiative and SSAFE and co-chair of the food safety steering group and member of the science & technical committee in Food Industry Asia. Wissenburg has furthermore experience as a leadership consultant with the McLane Group in the United Kingdom, delivering executive coaching and culture change consultancy for small, multinational, profit and non-profit organizations.

Kelvin Harris

SVP Retail & Markets

Kelvin Harris is a noted consumer goods industry expert, creating brand and consumer trust through understanding the impact to revenue and growth of supply chain transparency and resilience.
In the last three years, Kelvin has implemented a food value chain program for a Fortune 100 retailer, driven supply chain transparency for the world's largest food company and led multi-year supply chain traceability and resilience projects for a Fortune 500 CPG, Fortune 100 retailer and three Fortune 500 food processors.

Frank Bogle

Chief Engineer & Architect

Frank Bogle has worked in technology his entire career, initially with leading global consulting firms on a comprehensive range of technology enabled business transformations to successfully deliver complex programs throughout Europe and the US.
More recently, Frank was Oracle’s Middle East consulting practice leader driving implementations across diverse industries throughout the Middle East, India & Africa, before returning to the UK where he has held Chief Architect and engineering roles.

Linda Fetzer

Vice President of Community Outreach, Non-profit and Shared Value

Linda Fetzer, has worked in the wine industry for over 15 years where she specialized in viticulture operations and wine production. As the proprietor of Jeriko Estates in Northern California, Linda oversaw a vineyard that garnered accolades from The Huffington Post and Wine Spectator.
At Jeriko, Linda had a multifaceted role as both farmer and marketing expert, and was in charge of their bottling supply chains and expanding distribution. Linda is also well versed in the areas of biodynamic farming, organic agriculture and enology.