The food industry’s first remote auditing and certification platform.


A dashboard for everyone.


Remote digital auditing for the 21st century.

Build and verify trust across your enterprise and supply chain.


Now everyone has a scorecard.

Differentiate performance with ratings, rankings and reviews.

Gain deep performance and competitive analysis and insights.

  • Ratings – provide a real-time and forward looking indicator of the worthiness of your potential or actual business partners.
    • With a AAA+ rating, know your supplier meets and exceeds all of your standards.
    • Instant notification of rating change.
  • Rankings – benchmark your own performance against competitors and assess relative performance of current and potential business partners in the market.
  • Reviews – reveal how you and your partners are judged by the marketplace.
  • Everyone’s engagement – share real-time and predictive knowledge with your team to optimize performance, value and customer satisfaction

The food industry’s only comprehensive authentication gateway.

Verification. Simplified.

  • Groundbreaking new paradigm in knowledge and trust
  • Verify any type of information across your enterprise and supply chain:
    • Reports, documents, certificates
    • Equipment
    • Products
    • Labeling
    • Inventory
    • Chain of custody
    • people
  • Automate onboarding and compliance processes
    • Employees
    • Suppliers
    • Customers
  • Map farms, facilities, operations and human resources to key parameters
  • Authentication carried out by recognized, trusted, independent third parties
    • Also supports 1st and 2nd party auditors

Harmonizing teams, systems and communications.

One platform. All data. All customers. All reporting. All engaged. Fully interoperable.


Transforming how teams and systems work together.

One platform. All data. All suppliers.

  • One dashboard ensures everyone’s engagement
  • View enterprise and supplier performance holistically
  • Ensure interoperability of all your systems and reporting processes

  • Automate and streamline reporting to all constituents simultaneously
  • Deep dive diagnostic and predictive analytics across domain verticals

No more duplication. Reporting simplified.

One click automated reporting to all customers.

  • Eliminate duplicate teams, systems, reports and costs.
  • One-time configuration automates reporting to all customers.
  • Compatible with any software.
  • Fully mobilized.

Raising human performance.

The greenfence academy provides education, training and competency assessment for everyone.

  • Knowledge and skills assessment
  • Credentialing
  • Verify individual qualifications
  • Full onboarding of personnel and suppliers
  • Live remote one-on-one and
    classroom training
  • Self assessments and training with exams
  • 100% applicability
    • Drives credentialing and competency initiatives for employees, professionals, and supplier workforces end-2-end.
  • Unlimited reach & frequency
    • Reach everyone across your enterprise and supply chain without disruption.
    • Frequency of training is configurable based on score and risk sensitivities.
  • Accessible any time, any where
    • Fully mobilized
    • Integrates with any device
    • Connect with educators, trainers, proctors and collaborators

  • Collaboration and Content
    • Collaborate with your or our network of industry and academia professionals
    • We produce self assessments, knowledge and skill exams, training courses, and manage remote classes globally.
  • Human Assurance
    • We provide assurers and certification bodies with the remote technology to measure, rate and rank competency
    • We can develop and implement customized human credentialing systems

IoT and Big Data. Simplified.

Leading the convergence of IoT with big data and automation.

  • Specialized IoT and Big Data solution:
    • Allows Critical Control Points within your operations to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing networks and infrastructure
    • Zero latency of oversight and management consistent with your operating parameters
    • Interoperability and data exchange between systems
  • Generate predictive analytics and risk profiles
    • Predict imminent outcomes ranging from profitability to operational failures by integrating operational data with requirements

Farmer’s banking network.

Providing primary producers with banking services anytime and anywhere.

  • Connecting major buyers with primary producers globally.
  • Mobile payments to complete transactions quickly and easily.
  • Easier access to loans based upon authenticated rating and certification status.
  • Transfer money instantly and securely through your own mobile wallet.
  • Build up your credit score through improved assurance.

Shared value is the cornerstone of greenfence.

  • Providing every stakeholder in the global nutritional eco-system with equal access and opportunity to:
    • utilize our platform, tools and educational systems for free
    • establish connections and distribution channels
    • share knowledge and science
    • enable better protection of earth’s most valuable resources

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