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Supply chain compliance. Simplified.

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Transparency. Simplified.

Know your supply chain.

  • All your supplier requirements disseminated and reported.
  • Connect with your entire supply chain anytime anywhere.
  • Enable traceability of supply chain issues.
  • Configurable and automated notifications, communicate risk status and corrective action.
  • Real-time monitoring of enterprise and supplier performance.
  • Improved risk management with automated alerts and responses to changes.
  • Gain market advantage through Big Data driven predictive analysis

Compliance. Simplified.

Certified trust.

  • Fully automated and intelligent compliance management:
    • Access to all enterprise and supply chain certificates, documents and data.
    • Real-time automated alerts of changes in compliance status.
  • Fully automated communications, notifications and messaging enables efficient management of all tiers of your supply chain in real-time.
  • Authentication of any information can be carried out by recognized, trusted, independent third-parties.

Now everyone has a scorecard.

Differentiate performance with ratings, rankings and reviews.

Gain deep performance and competitive analysis and insights.

  • Ratings – provide a real-time and forward looking indicator of the worthiness of your potential or actual business partners.
    • With a AAA+ rating, know your supplier meets and exceeds all of your standards.
    • Instant notification of rating change.
  • Rankings – benchmark your own performance against competitors and assess relative performance of current and potential business partners in the market.
  • Reviews – reveal how you and your partners are judged by the marketplace.
  • Everyone’s engagement – share real-time and predictive knowledge with your team to optimize performance, value and customer satisfaction

Collaboration. Simplified.

One platform. All data. All suppliers.

Transforming how you collaborate with your supply chain  using the same data, risk analysis and decision support.
  • One dashboard ensures everyone’s engagement.
  • View enterprise and supplier performance holistically.
  • Ensure interoperability of all your systems and reporting processes.
  • Automate and streamline reporting to all constituents simultaneously.
  • Deep dive diagnostic and predictive analytics across domain verticals.

IoT And Big Data. Simplified

Specialized IoT and Big Data solution

  • Allows Critical Control Point monitoring throughout your supply chain from primary producers, through distributors to your stores.
  • Zero latency of oversight and management consistent with your operating parameters of all suppliers and internal operations.
  • Interoperability and data exchange between your enterprise systems and those of your suppliers.
  • Generate predictive analytics and risk profiles throughout your supply chain ecosystem.

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