Primary Producers.

Compliance. Simplified.

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Farmer’s banking network. Simplified.

Providing banking services anytime and anywhere.

  • Connecting major buyers with primary producers globally.
  • Mobile payments to complete transactions quickly and easily.
  • Easier access to loans based upon authenticated rating and certification status.
  • Transfer money instantly and securely through your own mobile wallet.
  • Build up your credit score through improved assurance.

Growth. Simplified.

Get noticed.
Rise above the competition.

  • Differentiate yourself via Rating, Ranking and Reviews.
  • Increase market confidence in you and your products.
  • Be visible to a global marketplace.

Community network. Simplified.

Building primary producing communities globally.

  • Sharing inputs, outputs, knowledge and science.
  • Collaborate with neighbors, sector communities, co-operatives, supplier networks, traders and brokers.
  • Full price transparency.
  • Gain access to new buyers and markets.
  • Access latest research and best practices.

Audits. Simplified.

Compliance management.

  • Ensure compliance with all customer requirements.
  • Save time and money with automated compliance management and instant sharing of certifications with all your customers.
  • Access top rated and ranked competent assurers and auditors.
  • Share your credentials, ratings, rankings and certifications with current and potential customers.

Authentication. Simplified.

Verify your information.

Groundbreaking new paradigm in creating trust and transparency with your customers:

  • Verify any type of information:
    • Products from your suppliers (seed, animal feed, fertilizer, pesticides, etc).
    • Test reports.
    • Certificates.
    • Documents.
    • Product claims.
  • Provide full traceability.
  • Authentication carried out by recognized, trusted, independent third parties.

Insights. Simplified.

Discover your potential.

  • Understand current and future customer requirements and product specifications.
  • Network with customers to help understand future market demand.
  • Collaborate with experts on soils, seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, yields, economics, and weather.
  • Unlock profitable, actionable insights from all your data.
  • Access critical data from your mobile device:
    • Satellite imaging.
    • Drone technology.
    • Weather.
    • Other key intelligence.

Reporting. Simplified.

No more duplication.

  • One-time configuration automates reporting to all customers.
  • Eliminate duplicate emails, links to systems, reports and costs.
  • Compatible with any software.

Competency. Simplified.

Raising your competency

Affordable and accessible.

  • Affordable process to access education, training and credentialing for yourself, your workers and facilities.
  • Full onboarding of workers and verification of their documentation.
  • Frequency of training is configurable based upon your needs.
  • We provide self assessments, knowledge, training courses, exams and remote class management.
  • Fully mobilized and integrates with any device.
  • Find and connect with top rated educators, trainers, proctors and collaborators from around the world.

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