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Certifications. Simplified.

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Harmonization. Simplified.

Harmonizing teams, systems and communications.

  • One platform. All data. All suppliers.
  • One dashboard ensures everyone’s engagement.
  • Manage complex supply chains more efficiently.
  • View enterprise and supplier performance holistically.
  • Ensure interoperability of all your systems and reporting processes.
  • Deep dive diagnostics and predictive analytics across domain verticals.

Market. Simplified.

Be ready for a global marketplace.

  • All your supplier requirements disseminated and reported.
  • Gain trust by verification of any type of information across your enterprise and supply chain.
  • Map your supply chain, facilities, operations and human resources.
  • Connect with your entire supply chain anytime anywhere.
  • Ensure traceability of supply chain issues.
  • Configurable and automated notifications, communicate risk status and corrective action.
  • Gain new customers as you understand and comply with their requirements.
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition with ratings, rankings and reviews.
  • Market your trusted products to your customers.

Reporting. Simplified.

No more duplication.

  • Eliminate duplicate teams, systems, reports and costs.
  • One click reporting to all your customers.
  • Real time, automated, interoperable.
  • Can connect to any enterprise platform.

Audits. Simplified.

Accessible and efficient.

  • See all aspects of your supply chain on a single dashboard:
    • Reports.
    • Documents.
    • Certificates.
    • Products.
    • Risk Ratings, Rankings and Reviews.
  • Fully integrated communications including messaging and automatic notifications.
  • Fully mobilized, accessible anytime anywhere.
  • Remotely engage with competent auditors to conduct your certifications.
  • Gain insights into the qualification of the auditors who conduct the certifications.
  • Share your audit results and credentials with all your customers in real-time.
  • Reduce the amount of requests you receive for information thereby saving time and money.

Now everyone has a scorecard.

Differentiate performance with ratings, rankings and reviews.

Gain deep performance and competitive analysis and insights.

  • Ratings – provide a real-time and forward looking indicator of the worthiness of your potential or actual business partners.
    • With a AAA+ rating, know your supplier meets and exceeds all of your standards.
    • Instant notification of rating change.
  • Rankings – benchmark your own performance against competitors and assess relative performance of current and potential business partners in the market.
  • Reviews – reveal how you and your partners are judged by the marketplace.
  • Everyone’s engagement – share real-time and predictive knowledge with your team to optimize performance, value and customer satisfaction

Authentication. Simplified

Verfied Trust

Groundbreaking new paradigm in creating trust with your customers by:
  • Verify any type of information:
    • Reports, documents, certificates
    • Equipment
    • Products
    • Labeling
    • Inventory
    • Chain of custody
  • Seamlessly share your compliance status with all of your stakeholders.
  • Authentication carried out by recognized, trusted, independent third parties.

IoT and Big Data. Simplified.

Convergence of IoT and Big Data.

  • Specialized IoT and Big Data solution.
  • Allows Critical Control Points within your operations to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing networks and infrastructure.
  • Zero latency of oversight and management consistent with your operating parameters.
  • Interoperability and data exchange between systems.
  • Generate predictive analytics and risk profiles.
  • Predict imminent outcomes ranging from profitability to operational failures by integrating operational data with requirements.

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