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Audits. Simplified.

The future of certification. Today.

  • Utilize the platform to move your audits from post facto to real-time.
  • Convergence of IoT with Big Data and automation allows non-conformities at your customers sites to be detected and reported to you as they occur.
  • Use risk analytics to intelligently determine where on-site intervention is required.
  • Make far more efficient use of scarce auditor resources via application of remote audit methodologies, bringing transformational growth to your business.
  • Deliver a step-change in value delivered to your customers.

Account management. Simplified.

Right here. Right now.

  • Monitor customer certification status across their entire operations in real-time.
  • Deliver more value to your customers through advanced data mining and predictive analysis.
  • Focus audits on key risk areas for your customers via the advanced risk analytics engine.
  • Review customer satisfaction ratings to enable continuous improvement of your processes.

Transparency and trust. Simplified.

Industry’s first authentication gateway

  • Verify any type of information required by your customer or their downstream supply chain.
  • Full visibility of all current valid certificates across the entire supply chain.
  • Streamlined non conformity management.
  • Automatic compliance notifications are posted to increase efficiency of the entire process.

Managing your business. Simplified.

Take control.

  • Grow your business through a closer understanding of the entire supply chain and its needs.
  • Ensure the harmonization and interoperability of all your systems and reporting processes with those of your customers.
  • Access deep dive diagnostic and predictive analytics across all domain verticals of interest to your customers.
  • Identify your auditors’ locations in real-time via the platform’s map-view.
  • Seamlessly schedule audits in collaboration with your customers using the platform’s advanced scheduling and communications tools.
  • Make far more efficient use of scare auditor resources via application of remote audit methodologies, bringing transformational growth to your business.
  • Advanced analytics to track key metrics such as auditor utilization, revenue by customer, new sales growth, etc.

Competency. Simplified.

Anywhere anytime.

  • Auditors can now take their competency exams and assessments online.
  • Assures that qualified and competent personnel are conducting audits.
  • Auditor exams and assessments are auto scored and analyzed.
  • Scores are converted to Auditor Competency Rankings.
  • Better understand future auditor resource needs and competencies based upon market demands.

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